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This is Free Agency

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new beginnings #thisisfree Photo: @duepinlac Print: @othellogrey
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about last night @acehillbeer & hwe dup bap & a room full of hustlers #thisisfree
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yesterday: fuelled by the hustle & @tokyosmoke much love to all those who came thru the new space #thisisfree

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The Creator's Toolkit: Sharna Martorella

Sharna Martorella is enjoying the letter R at the moment- “both upper case and lower”. She also likes black ink and 90s hip-hop- no scrubs just scribbles. It doesn’t stop there- she likes street signs and billboards, party n’ bullshit. Anything with the iconic three stripes makes her weak in the knees. But a mind occupied with runway ink has to draw the line somewhere. True a dog named “Dangerpants” makes the cut, but awkward tattoos… well that’s another story. 
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Doors Open: Ben Skinner

Say it twice for good measure- Ben Skinner’s got that win win method.  All puns and wordplay for days his neon signs tell it like it is. Spoken in rounds, the phonetics from his mélange of traditional and nontraditional art supplies are loud and clear. Surprise surprise he’s a Vancouver creator. Don’t forget the mug shots of mugs and lit up maxims. For that- your table surface hogging is much encouraged if we get more art like “Twice on Sundays” out of the deal. That’s because in Ben Skinner’s world everyday is like Sunday and Morrissey lyrics read like an art piece. 
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The Creator's Toolkit: Evan Prosofsky

In this interview Evan Prosofsky mentioned that he'd be stoked to meet the President, so I figured I’d get the ball rolling…. Obama, if you’re listening, this is one guy you want on your side. A friend to Grimes, an Arcade Fire favourite, he’s a certifiable lens mater flex. Creating away from traditional film hubs Evan brings that certain Canadian somethin’ somethin’ to cinematography.  Before hitting the Alberta open-road the true north legend let us in on playing big serious games of pretend and his traveling toolkit.
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Doors Open: Tyler Spangler

How do you describe a self-professed maximalist who’s favourite colour is all the colours all at once? A nu-age dadist, former punk rock purveyor, forever board enthusiast- he moves in his own way. By noon he’s already biked the 9 miles up the beach trail to UCLA. By nightfall he’s completed 2-5 new projects each day. If art is his witty comeback to the world- there’s no denying this prolific creator has much to say. Stationed from his workspace with an ocean view, there’s clearly only one way to describe the man with cartoon depictions of sunny side up eggs hanging on his wall: Tyler Spangler. Easy. 
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The Creator's Toolkit: Stephanie Le

We could go on and on about how Van City's  Stephanie Le is the crème de la crème brûlée of food bloggers. Or about how her mouth-watering photography has earned her such accolades as Blog of The Year. We could even marvel at her ability to whip anything together with three basic tools: a knife, a cutting board, and a cast iron pan. But instead we'll just say “pumpkin ricotta pancakes” because girl, you had us at breakfast food. 
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Doors Open: Winnie Truong

If Winnie Truong ran the world the streets would be filled the candy-haired pedestrians taking 45 minutes each morning to enjoy the outdoors. We’d start our days with a cup of tea and braids + buns would be the mane attraction. If Winnie Troung ran the world our workdays would be fuelled by podcasts and comedians chats. We’d all sport flowing locks like Mariah Carey circa 1997. Most importantly though, if Winnie Truong ran the world we’d all have chill studios with a window seat just like her's.... hey, a girl can dream… 
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Chill / Fancy / Fresh

It’s an urban takeover of the Toronto shoreline when artist Trevor Wheatley and TV host Liz Trinnear go below zero. Continuing Wheatley’s series of urban dictionary sculptures, the collaborators resurrect an icy monument, documenting its deterioration over an afternoon. We’re calling this our daily dose of creativity on the rocks. Best served chilled. Hold the glitter. Naturally something so chill/fancy/fresh is deserving of a high-fiving dog. Any questions?
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The Creator's Toolkit: Andrew Knapp

Based on his nomadic tendencies you might assume that Andrew Knapp uses the term “hometown” loosely. True, shaking the habitual comes easy when the bioluminescent Texan shoreline is calling your name. Plus, who needs Wall Street when you’ve got a workspace on wheels planted amongst the sandstone formations of the northern Verde Valley? Fact is- this hyper wanderer is a hardbent perveyor for smalltown pride. Of course that’s not to say he’s going home anytime soon. As the saying goes: home is where the pour-over Guatemalan medium roast is.  
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The Creator's Toolkit: Robert Storey

It’s easy to get lost in a Robert Storey set. When multihued graphics and surrealist sculptures play host to models and designer good alike, we’re often left questioning our state of consciousness: Pinch me, I must be dreaming? True the world of Robert Storey seems more seussian than Saks Fifth Ave., but snap back to reality and the real world implications are plain as day. With names like Kenzo, Victoria Beckham, Vogue, and Wallpaper* Magazine calling on the NYC creative you better believe he’s a set designing dream come true. Equally well-versed in pantone colour charts and artistic husteling, we couldn’t image a better toolkit to peep than one belonging to the craftsman (re: magician) himself. After chatting bucklists and recent travels, we’ve only got one thing left to ask you, Robert. Regarding your Nike Pop-Up display…  Can we live here? Please?