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This is Free Agency

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Knowledge Of Self

At 10 years old, K-OS had his first foray into music by writing his grandmother a song. She told him, "this is what you're supposed to do." He listened.
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We Found Momo

Meeting Momo was like meeting a celebrity, except a million times more exciting, and a million times better, because celebrities never lick your face.
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From point A to point B, accordingly. Our urban cycling mini doc, ALLEYCATS, with @redbullcanada is now live.

We're just getting started

This Is Free Agency

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Chief Cancer Fucker

When we went to meet Yael at Fuck Cancer's East Hastings, Vancouver headquarters, we had no idea how powerful our journey was destined to be.
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An Industry Icon

The heroine of Canadian television and international fashion journalism, Jeanne Beker's life experiences are more than enough to warrant a night in for storytelling, wide eyes, and open ears.