Door's Open: Winnie Truong

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This is Free Agency

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Daily Games

Mural art extends off the wall in an interactive game of imagination. Don’t be fooled, this ain’t no child’s play. From the ground up, Mathieu Connery and Do Art Foundation add red (and blue, and yellow) to a green street at Mont Royal. 
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Back (and forth) to school

Because there’s no better time to upgrade your cool, we invited the effortlessly everything Cris Prosperi to the MTV FORA studio for a lesson in moving and shaking. What we learned was that copper sweats and graphic notes earn you A++. Oh and, cat ears are appropriate for every occasion (maybe?). No matter if you’re returning to the classroom or the workroom this fall we’re calling this one back 2 cool. Now follow our lead:  jump kick, pow pow, backpack, wallet, pencils. BOOM. 
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Building sets we want to live in, @storeyrobert's toolkit includes a trusty hammer, a Stanley knife, and a whole lot of hustling. See more at
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Happy Friday! Listening to Rick Ross's Kale Salad Mix by @kaygoldilocks, commissioned by Rick Ross himself. Now on
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For Shantell Martin the writing's on the wall. And under the table. And on her wardrobe. See inside her studio at

The Creator's Toolkit: Robert Storey

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The Creator's Toolkit: Bruno 9li

For this Brazilian wonder, things flow in a smooth way. Other times, they don’t flow at all. It’s true- Bruno Novelli makes the kind of art that stops time. On a typical day metalinguistics, shamanism, and psychedelic brews are all topics of discussion. Currently his mind is occupied by the ideas of Bergson resulting in the pictorial representation of “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together”. It’s altered states of consciousness by way of paint and canvas.
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Door's Open: Shantell Martin

For Shantell Martin the writing’s on the wall. And under the table, on toy planes, across car windows, and all over her wardrobe. That’s the short list at least. The long list extends from fine print 0.05 pen lines in Tokyo to mammoth-sized murals at MIT. Though this Central Saint Martin’s grad has been mark making all over the world, she keeps her home base like a stark white canvas- save for one busy stickman. Dressed in her usual uniform of dress shirts splashed with existential questions, we caught up with Shantell for a virtual tour of her doodling HQ.
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Mist + Mirrors

On a mission to bring art to the masses, buddies Jeff Hamada of Booooooom and Tangible Interaction’s Alex Beim knew what they had to do. A little water, some heavy lifting, and a whole lot of mirror later they found themselves surrounded by Squamish festival goers hoping to snag a snap with their masterpiece. The fact that someone even hugged the art has me thinking this is a mission accomplished. 
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Inside Outside

They say you can tell a lot from a person’s handwriting. When rigid curvilinears and street art collide, you know there’s much to say about the men behind the scrawl. On a mission to revive the unrevivable, the four men behind the Montréal collective Garbage Beauty are bringing things outdoors. Their process as spontaneous as their punch lines, this is purpose driven T crossing and I dotting. Curbside throwaways personified, a broken down door asks, “do you have the key?”. Beside it a reject mirror gets cheeky, complimenting onlookers, “you look great when you smile.”
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Pulling Strings

It’s official- Eric Rieger wins for the most passionate. Out there on his own level of ambition, he’ll even trade time in the big house for a chance to create. Under the pseudonym HOTTEA, Rieger runs the streets, threading inspiration in the most unexpected places. He calls it art for survival. We approve.
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The Creator's Toolkit: Adi Goodrich

When it comes to Adi Goodrich, the stars just don’t cut it. Instead, this dreamer of brightly coloured dreams shoots for the moon. Whether her motives involve cats, well that’s another story, but one thing’s for sure: this girl can really origami with the best of ‘em. Set designer, creative director, all around boss, she’ll have you believing the true mark of a hustler is a Pantone swatch book. Between lighting footwear on fire for Native shoes and constructing fake household items (you know, the usual) the LA-based creator walked us through the tools she uses to make the magic happen. Including, but not limited to, espresso.