The Creator's Toolkit: Adi Goodrich

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This is Free Agency

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Simultaneous Hair Flips

It all starts with the drums. Next come the simultaneous hair flips. In the zone. 90 minutes. It’s musical duo Kisette on deck. Like a true DJ troupe they nerd out on the tech stuff, calming programming synths is “really really fun”. Are you even surprised that they made our Girl Guide list? Between the dance moves and the style vibes they’ve got the chemistry only sisters have, easy peesey. As Sandra puts it: when there’s so much passion in what you do, there’s no room for arguing. 
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8-bit IRL

The follow no rules spirit of the Internet goes real time when two digital doers take Kensington Market. Together LaurDIY and Dori The Giant call the shots- leave no denim jacket behind. Simply resize, rasterize and when the online and offline collide, right click for reality. In their 8-bit lives a 2D tomato isn’t such an out of this world idea. Make no mistake, there’s no ctrl + alt +delete IRL, But when you’re as focused as theses two, who needs it?
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Two hands with big plans. Watch @hotxtea and @fredifredfred bring brilliant to @osheaga. #brilliantworks
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Getting fresh with @treverferever & @liztrinnear. #brilliantworks

(we)lcome mat


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The Creator's Toolkit: Jackie Lee Young

She’s a 90s Winona Ryder with a modern eye. Add vintage textiles to the mix and Jackie Lee Young is changing the portraiture game, one roll of 35mm film at a time. Chasing storms in White Sand, New Mexico her workdays are nothing short of a great adventure. Be it through photo books about Hawaii or driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, this Texan knows that exploring is all part of the photographic process. Over anecdotes she reminds us that even a family trip is an opportunity to create. It’s what made her my Instagram favourite. In a world of mobile shooters, Jackie Lee Yong keeps it analogue. Sometimes digital, Always nostalgic.
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The View From Up Here

How’s the view from up here? It’s infinite and inspiring, because the way Elie sees it, this city is made for exploring. A new age creator whose POV is unlike the rest - from out in front, from up above, his strategy is simple. You’ve got to create faster than they can copy, let your standards expand with your horizons. After all, it’s only natural your standards are high when you’re so far up. At such great heights, Ellie’s got social media savant that’s killing the game slowly. On top of the city looking low, this is a next level stare down. Hold tight. 
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Winnie Truong: Meticulous Mark Maker

Wide-eyed and full of ambition, Winnie Truong sat for an interview with a local art blog to discuss her upcoming exhibit. It was 2010 and the Toronto artist was fresh of the convocation train, accolades in tow. When posed the pressing question “Where do you see yourself in five years” Truong replied timidly that she hoped to be working as a full-time independent artist. Looks likes you outdid yourself girl. 
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Heart And Hustle Through The Lens Of A Legend

When challenged with thousands of square feet of gallery space to fill, Bryan Espiritu quit his day job. Turning hurdles grand and grueling into something to covet, the legend behind the league counts a clothing empire, creative agency, and written compilations as his bounty. He’s a can’t-stop creator, that’s for sure. When heart and hustle come into play, accomplishments are measured in forever-and-a-halfs. A polymath by way of permanent marker drips, Espiritu showed MTV Originals a glimpse into the major league. 
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With her first major hit, singer slash rapper Kay Boutilier ensured she’d never be forgotten. Like a cadenced calling card - say my name, say my name- the Cape Breton native claimed her right to roll with the best of em. A non-stop mover and shaker celebrated around the world, you can find her poppy vocals on tracks by Diplo and Tiesto. Better yet, there’s her solo work which tackles modern issues in dating and friendship all wrapped up in medley of hip-hop, pop, and old-school funk vibes.
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Neither Here Nor There

You might have to watch this interview twice. Twice, because the first time you’ll be so mesmerized by the Caitlin Stasey’s charming accent and surreal beauty that you’ll realize you completely missed everything that was said. The second time, because what the actress has to say is much more compelling that any amount of doe-eyed glances and lip curls, combined.
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Inside Outside

They say you can tell a lot from a person’s handwriting. When rigid curvilinears and street art collide, you know there’s much to say about the men behind the scrawl. On a mission to revive the unrevivable, the four men behind the Montréal collective Garbage Beauty are bringing things outdoors. Their process as spontaneous as their punch lines, this is purpose driven T crossing and I dotting. Curbside throwaways personified, a broken down door asks, “do you have the key?”. Beside it a reject mirror gets cheeky, complimenting onlookers, “you look great when you smile.”
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250 lbs of love

It’s a well know fact that a robot’s favourite festival is Digital Dreams. Programmed for love, posed for selfies, he’s 250 lbs of positivity. For the first installment of #brillantworks, we teamed up with our friends and fellow love-spreaders Mathew Del Degan and T-Rexxx of 1 Love T.O on a mission to inspire kindness, Digital Dreams style.
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The Creator's Toolkit: Trevor Wheatley

It’s a good day for Trevor Wheatley when a group of horses show up on shoot day wanting to pose by the art. Casual, no? About as casual as finding a half pipe in the woods or location scouting with no agenda only to find exactly what you imaged, only better. But in the life of this Toronto-based graffiti to gallery artist the days are filled with pleasant haphazards left to chance, left to crumble. In Wheatley's books rundown, rusty, and forgotten are positive descriptors. Essential even.  Is it any surprise that he calls an old downtown industrial building his HQ? Ready to bike/skate/drive at a moment's notice, the company he keeps matches his penchant for exploration, adventure for adventure. When friend is just another word for teammate, your car is always filled with city kids looking for their next discovery.